Bill's Accuracy Shop
Bill Truitt -

Snapshots of Our Shop

photo of shop entrance

Welcome to Bill's Accuracy Shop.

Bill and the staff spend most of their time working on customers' rifles, so you'd need to make an appointment if you wanted to visit.

This is the door to the back room where most of the magic happens. Besides some high-precision machining equipment and an amazing array of supplies, the shop contains a wealth of interesting gun parts and guns in all stages of development. Other fun things to look at are the old powder can collection and some impressive targets and nice letters sent in by happy customers.

(Clicking on most of the photos here will show larger versions.)

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photo of supply cabinet photo of shelves above shop door, displaying antique gunpowder tins

Above the shop door is Bill's collection of vintage gunpowder cans.

The whole shop is full of obscure and fascinating gunmaking supplies, such as the cabinet at left, or the drawer full of chamber reamers below.

photo of many chamber reamers in a drawer

Below are snapshots of some of the equipment used in making guns and cartridges. These are actual pictures of a working shop, not something prettied up for the camera.

photo of rifle in block photo of lathe
photo of machining equipment and surroundings
photo of drill press shaping wooden stock photo of reloading area
photo of Bill displaying his 1st-place trophy photo of Bill's prize-winning targets on wall
Besides being a master gunsmith, Bill is
also a competitive shooter. He won the plaque in his hand for shooting the target shown at right in the "Varmit Hunter" class. He shot 50-3X (the target shows a group under 1 inch at 300 yards) with his own rifle in .22 Remington BR. (A smaller version of the lefthand photo also appears on the About Bill Truitt page.)