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Custom rifle based on Remington XP 100
Remington XP 100 bolt-action pistol, converted to a rifle, in caliber 6x47 (a case based on the 222 Mag) with a 22-inch Hart barrel and a Shilen 2-ounce-pull benchrest trigger. Stock has an automotive finish.

Bill's Accuracy Shop specializes in custom building guns for shooters who want the best accuracy available. We make both benchrest and hunting rifles, in a wide range of configurations. Please talk to us if you think you might like one built for you.

We can't give you prices here -- custom rifles are different for each individual. One person's "deluxe" rifle may be another's "showy, gaudy, flashy" rifle, and one person's "ugly but it shoots well" may be another's "too ugly to hold, no matter how it shoots." You'll need to figure out what you want in a rifle and work up a plan. First, what purpose will your rifle serve? What action do you prefer? Do you want it to fire a factory cartridge, a common Wildcat, or a custom cartridge? What do you want it to look like (or do you care)?

When you have your plan roughed out, let us give you an estimate. Just e-mail us your requirements, or phone or write -- see Contact Us for our address and a form you can fill out if you want. If you ask, we'll also be glad to send you references and testimonials about our work.

Below are pictures of the typical steps we follow in constructing a custom rifle, and a few of the many guns we've made in our shop...

Military Mauser action
  Polished action
1. Starting, in this case, with a military Mauser action similar to this (many other actions are available) ...
  2. Clean and polish the receiver, true the lugs, polish the bolt raceway ...
Milling the stripper clip guides off a Mauser action   Barreled action
3. Mill off the stripper clip guides, bevel the edges, etc....   4. Chamber and thread the barrel to the action; install and headspace the barrel on the action ...
Milling stock for barrel
5. Prepare the stock for the action and barrel (here, a lightweight beech stock is being milled for a larger barrel); finish the stock ...
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6. Enjoy your finished product! Here are a few examples:
6mm BR

6mm BR closeup Custom rifle in 6mm BR (Bench Rest) built for a light class in 1000-yard rifle competition. The action is a Remington 700 in stainless steel, the stock is a laminated "Tracker" model in Obechie wood from AB Supply, and the barrel is a stainless Shilen with a 1 in 8 twist for shooting the 107 grain bullets. (This rifle is chambered for the Lapua BR case rather than the Remington because the Lapua is 2 thousandths larger at the base just forward of the rim, so the brass better stands the heavy loads used in 1000-yard competition without primer pocket loosening.)   Closeup at right.
Custom .280

Custom rifle in.280 on Remington 700 long action. Shilen barrel, Jewell trigger. Stock is a Richard's blank fitted and "thumbholed" by my shop. Owner claims 1-inch groups at 400 yards using a 120 ballistic-tip bullet and has also used it for crop-damage deer control.   Closeup at right.
Custom .280 closeup
Remington 40x with sleeve

Remington 40x with sleeved action (stiffens the action for benchrest shooting).   Closeup at right.
Remington 40x closeup
Custom .243

Custom .243 thumbhole sporter on Mauser Obendorf action.
  Shilen DGA .22, gold automotive finish

Shilen DGA action with a Shilen barrel in caliber .22 BR (Bench Rest); automotive finish. In competition has shot 1-inch groups at 300 yards.
.35 Whelan

.35 Whelen Mauser sporter, with both forward (Scout) scope bases and standard scope bases.
  .450 Nitro Express

.450 Nitro Express -- for more about this unusual gun, click HERE.