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custom Remington 700
1. One of our recent custom rifles showing several favorite features. The rifle started as a Remington 700 in 300 Remington Ultra Mag; it shot poorly and had a strong recoil. We gave its boring black fiberglass stock a Simwood finish, so it now looks like fine wood and blends into a hunting scene. target shot by custom Remington 700 Adjusting the action greatly improved the precision -- see the target at right. The group shown was shot at 100 yards with some of our custom-loaded ammo, in this case 125-grain bullets with Nosler ballistic tips. This cartridge and bullet combo gives high accuracy with speeds near 3900 feet per second and one-shot kills of deer-size game. For bench shooting, recoil is tempered by the removable muzzle brake shown on this rifle -- it reduces the well-known perceived recoil of this round from "stout" (or even "mule kick") to less than that of a .308. (Clicking on the gun photo will show a larger version.)

6mm BR 6mm BR closeup
2. Custom rifle in 6mm BR (Bench Rest) built for a light class in 1000-yard rifle competition. The action is a Remington 700 in stainless steel, the stock is a laminated "Tracker" model in Obechie wood from AB Supply, and the barrel is a stainless Shilen with a 1 in 8 twist for shooting the 107 grain bullets. (This rifle is chambered for the Lapua BR case rather than the Remington because the Lapua is 2 thousandths larger at the base just forward of the rim, so the brass better stands the heavy loads used in 1000-yard competition without primer pocket loosening.)

Custom .280 Custom .280 closeup
3. Custom rifle in.280 on Remington 700 long action. Shilen barrel, Jewell trigger. Stock is a Richard's blank fitted and "thumbholed" by our shop. Owner claims 1-inch groups at 400 yards using a 120 ballistic-tip bullet and has also used it for crop-damage deer control.

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Remington 40x with sleeve

4. Remington 40x with sleeved action (stiffens the action for benchrest shooting).
Remington 40x closeup

Shilen DGA .22, gold automotive finish
5. Shilen DGA action with a Shilen barrel in caliber .22 BR; automotive finish. In competition has shot 1-inch groups at 300 yards.
Custom .243
6. Custom .243 thumbhole sporter on Mauser Obendorf action.

.35 Whelan
7. .35 Whelen Mauser sporter, with both forward (Scout) scope bases and standard scope bases.
.450 Nitro Express
8. .450 Nitro Express -- for more about this unusual gun, click HERE.

rail gun
9. Rail gun. A benchrest gun in 6mm BR for the "open" or "unlimited weight" class. It bolts to the shooting bench with three large Allen bolts in the base. The barrel is heavy and free-floating. A large scope mounts to the square block on top. Aiming adjustments are below the rear of the action and in front at the base. Also note the oversized bolt handle and the integral aluminum loading block to hold the rounds for match shooting. (Click on the photo to see a larger version.)

light-weight action
10. A Stolle benchrest action about to be built into a light-weight rifle in .30-BAS caliber. All excess weight will be reduced, including carving spirals in the bolt to remove metal. This action features left feeding and right ejecting, which gives a benchrest shooter one less thing to worry about in a pressure-filled match. Spent rounds all goes to the far side, so there's no chance to mix up the fired and unfired brass.

muzzle brake 11. Another of our specials, the removable muzzle brake. (See one installed on the custom Remington in the top picture on this page.) Our system lets you easily switch between a recoil-reducing muzzle brake and a quieter plain muzzle for use in actual hunting.

A muzzle brake works by directing high-speed gases from inside the rifle barrel to the sides and slightly backwards. It significantly reduces recoil, so you can comfortably shoot many rounds for load development and accuracy testing, but you pay for it with increased noise. This isn't a problem when bench shooting, where you can and should wear good hearing protection, but hunting is a different story. It's not practical to wear hearing protection in the field, and a loud rifle is a real drawback (in fact, many guides will refuse to escort hunters with over-loud rifles). So you'll want a plain muzzle for hunting, where the recoil of a few shots at game won't be a problem.

Bill's Accuracy Shop can give you the best of both worlds with a threaded barrel end and a pair of threaded muzzles: the muzzle brake, and a plain cap-like muzzle that protects the threads. The plain muzzle is hard to grasp, so has slots that let you use a coin like a quarter to easily remove it in the field.