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Prices and Services

The following price list covers our standard products and services. For questions, more info, or items not on the list, contact us. We'll be glad to hear from you and promise to answer promptly.

Accurize your rifle (This special package includes:
Bed stock, lap bolt lugs, clean barrel, adjust trigger, float barrel, cut new crown on barrel, true up scope rings and bases, test load, supply target after.)
Rifle services: Bed stock POR
  Pillar bed POR
  Float barrel POR
  Cut and crown barrel POR
  Shilen barrel (depends on grade/type) POR
  Thread barrel to your action and
   chamber to your cartridge
  Polish barrel POR
  Bead blast finish POR
  Stock inlet POR
  Open barrel channel POR
  Automotive paint on stock POR
  Adjust trigger to desired weight POR
  Surface grind recoil lug(s) POR
  Make seater die to match chamber POR
  Install Sako extractor in Remington
  Install standard muzzle brake POR
  Install removable muzzle brake POR

Complete rifle to your specs por
(Prices vary greatly -- see Custom Rifles for more info.)

Typical standard wildcats, hunting quality (per 50) POR
Typical standard wildcats, competition quality (per 50) POR

.30-BAS, hunting quality (per 50)

.30-BAS, competition quality (per 50) POR
Build special rounds to your specs -- email for prices

OTHER SERVICES AVAILABLE (email for prices):
Metal engraving to personalize your gun (see bad picture here)
Drill and tap shotguns for scope rings
Custom and ready-made chamber reamers
Build Wildcat rifles
Cartridge design assistance
Custom load development and support

Need something else? Just ask -- see Contact Us.

We accept money orders and standard credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover). We also take personal checks but may wait for them to clear before shipping orders.

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- NOTE: Prices quoted do not include taxes, shipping, or insurance. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. We may require deposits on large orders. We will make every effort to complete your order in a timely manner but do not guarantee delivery dates for products or services. We reserve the right to refuse to do certain types of work or work on certain types of firearms. We follow applicable BATF regulations.