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What Makes Accuracy?

How's this for accurate shooting?

Part of target card with 2 bullseyes
Other part of target card with 3 bullseyes
What makes accuracy? In a word, Precision. When building or refining a custom rifle, only precision work will give you good, repeatable accuracy. All mechanical items have clearances and tolerances, but holding these to a logical minimum -- with due consideration of the rifle's use -- is the key to accuracy.

What is a "logical minimum" for tolerances? A hunting rifle has to feed all the time (even when it's a little dirty), and the tolerances in the rifle must allow for this. A benchrest rifle will be single-fed, probably with custom fire-formed cartridges, so it can be built with minimal space between moving parts.

Precision starts with the action. Whichever action is used, it must be "true" and feed well. The barrel, the heart of the rifle, should be the very best you can afford, and properly broken in, chambered, crowned, etc. Bill's Accuracy Shop is expert in machining barrels.

The cartridge matters too. The precision characteristics of the cartridge are sometimes overlooked but are no less important to overall accuracy. One of the services Bill's Accuracy Shop offers is to work up accurate loads for your rifle. Bill Truitt has decades of practical and benchrest experience, and can often quickly zero in on the most accurate combination.

At Bill's Accuracy Shop we know how to make guns accurate, and we have the equipment it takes to do the job (not just hacksaws and files; a full machine shop). If you want accuracy in your gun, let us help...

LEFT: Actual targets from competition: two halves of a card shot by Bill Truitt in a 1998 match. (The red circles have been added to highlight the bullet holes, hard to see in these small pictures.)

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